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SEA Unconventional Games

We hope you're ready to compete in five challenges over 14 days against the best of the best.

Schedule of Events Virtual Events

*The Unconventional Games will take place between October 7 and October 21*

The below events will be interactive live streams to bring all of us together for digital fun and networking. Be sure to save these dates:

  • October 7: SEA Unconventional Games Opening Ceremony
  • October 15: Paint n' Sip Challenge
  • October 22: Undercover Escape Room Challenge and Closing Ceremony

Get Geared Up

Every participant will have a Treasure Chest mailed to them prior to the start of the challenges. This Treasure Chest will include everything you need to rock each of the challenges as we blend the digital with reality - food, beverages, swag - it's all in the box!

Get Ready to Play

All challenges will be tracked individually and as a team - but we encourage you to work together!

Don’t worry, we know you are busy - you have the flexibility to finish most of the challenges on your own time. You can also feel free to include your family in the fun - the more, the merrier!

Get Competitive

This is a ”survival of the fittest” type event, so only first place for each of the awards gets the prize!

Awards are as follows:

  • First place individual for each challenge
  • First place team for each challenge
  • Recognition and prize for the company with the most participants in the event

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Marcellus Marathon Challenge

PhysicalOn your mark, get set, go! Log as many miles as you can to help your team get across the finish line. Whether you walk, run, kayak, garden, play tennis or complete a variety of activity options on the list - your activity counts! Track your activities and our app will convert them to miles as you reach for the goal of completing a full marathon (26.2 equivalent miles) as a team. Athletes are awarded points for participation – work with your team to divide the mileage based on your teammates' strengths to complete the marathon. Teams can complete additional miles for more points. You've got this!

Appalachian Idol Challenge

Creative. Ever wonder what hidden talents your friends and colleagues have? Maybe you can sing, dance, backflip, do magic tricks...the sky is the limit! Pick your favorite party trick or talent to share and upload your video to the event page. Then browse your colleagues' and friends' talents and vote for your favorite!

Paint n’ Sip Challenge

Artistic. Come get your Bob Ross game on, all while sipping some amazing wine! Join us and our expert artist as you are guided through creating your very own masterpiece while enjoying a variety of fine wines, crafted by local winemaker, Engine House 25 Wines. The blends are delicious works of art and are sure to get your creative (grape) juices flowing.

Top Chef Challenge

Culinary. Who’s got game in the kitchen? Show us your Top Chef skills by competing in two unique challenges wrapped into one. Each participant will complete both of the following challenges: (1) Chillin n' Grillin Burger and (2) The Cocktail Concoction. We will send you a box of ingredients and you will be asked to use a subset of those to make the two creations. Create, plate & share! Then vote for your favorites and see who votes for yours!

Undercover Escape Challenge

Teamwork. You are a spy that wakes up in a hotel room to find out your cover has been blown. Messages from Mission Central direct you to clues in your hotel room, train station, and airport. These clues are meant to covertly get you to your new credentials and plane ticket which are safely stored in a locker at the airport. Clues involve recorded voice mail messages, “bugged” plants, song clips, ciphers, and more. On each screen (hotel, train station, and airport) teams must piece together information from the clues to solve an overarching clue that will allow them to move to the next location. Teams earn points as they gather information and solve clues. The first team to escape will add bonus points to their overall score.


Ready to Get Involved?

Contact Lynette Stevens at [email protected] or (724) 579-5035.