Shale Energy Alliance is working with state policy makers to adopt rules to encourage natural gas development. By developing natural gas, our families, friends, and neighbors can keep working in PA.

Severance Tax

Severance tax in Pennsylvania continues to be a topic of debate both politically and among industry producers. SEA is open to exploring the possibility of a severance tax. However, it is imperative that any such tax is reasonable, has a structure in keeping with the existing corporate tax and impact fees, and reflects the dynamics to which a commodity such as natural gas is subject.

Underground Utility Protection Law

The PA One Call system is a network that allows contractors and individuals to call a single 800 number to have underground water, power, and gas lines marked prior to beginning a project — a protective measure intended to decrease the probability of line strikes during excavation. This is a relatively effective system; however, there are uncertainties due to the fact that not all underground lines are required to register with PA One Call. SEA is hopeful that Pennsylvania legislators will vote to expand the law and remove the current exemption for certain production and gathering lines in rural areas. We are committed to the safety of all natural gas industry employees and the communities in which we operate.